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Elephant Called Hanako Took Bath for Medical Purposes -Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki-

May 5th, 2015

Gunnnai Onsen Ryokan

Gunnnai Onsen Ryokan (宮内温泉旅館) is a hot-spring hotel facing the Sea of Japan in Shimamaki village located in the northern part of Hakodate city. It was handed down as hot springs discovered in the Edo period, and it opened a ryokan in 1945. Hanako (花子), dying elephant, and Mr. Shujiro Shinoda (信田修治郎) took a bath for medical purposes in 1971 and became a famous nationwide news. In that case, a small zoo seemed to be built in a site, too. But there is no small zoo now.

Big Trees Are Substitute of Gate
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
Entrance of Bathhouse
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki

There were 1 open-air bath and 2 indoor baths at a bathhouse. There was the open-air bath in a mountain, and a sence of openness was very good. Fresh hot springs were overflowing from a bathtub. It was very comfortable.

Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
Hot Springs Are Gushing out from Rocks
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
View from Indoor Bath
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
There Is Lump of Crystal for Some Reason
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
Open-air Bath
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
Discharging Hot Spring
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
View from Open-air Bath
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
Clear and Colorless Hot Springs
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki

The hot springs are sodium bicarbonate sulfate spring, and are clear and colorless and have a little salty taste and no smell. The sum total of the hot spring ingredients are 1.335 g. It had a smooth and slippery touch. There was not a drinking hot spring facility, but the hot springs seemed to be drinkable. Bathers may drink the hot springs which is gushing out from rocks. I do not know. The hot springs seemed to be used for showers, too. Shampoos and body soaps are provided at the bathhouse. A staying is possible, too.

Dressing Room
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
Dressing Room
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki
Resting Place
Gunnai Onsen in Shimamaki

Atmosphere of Gunnai Onsen Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Gunnai Onsen

Types of Hot Springs Sodium bicarbonate sulfate spring (Type: Neutral, Osmotic Pressure: Low, Spring Temperature Type: Extra hot spring)
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 48.8 C
ph 7.2
Indications Rheumatic disease, Cut, Burn, Chronic skin diseases, Keratosis, Arteriosclerosis, High blood pressure
Contraindications Acute disease(when there is the heat in particular), Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Severe heart disease, Respiratory failure, Renal insufficiency, Hemorrhagic disease, High anemia, Other diseases during condition of a patient progress generally
Indications of drinking Chronic digestive diseases, Chronic constipation, Diabetes, Gout, Liver disease, Obesity disease, Arteriosclerosis, Nettle rashhives, Female hormone deficiency
Contraindications of drinking Kidney disease, Nephrotic syndrome, High blood pressure, Diarrhea, Diseases accompanied by edema in general
Facilities Open-air abth(1), Indoor bath(2). * Sex-Segregated Bathhouse.
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 500. Child: JPY 250.
Business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular closing day Iregular closing days
Parking lot A free parking is provided (25 cars)
Telephone number +81-136-75-6320
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 797 310 590*03

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations in Gunnnai Onsen.

Gunnnai Onsen Ryokan(宮内温泉旅館)