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Hot Springs Is Said to be Effective for All Kinds of Diseases -Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe-

September 3rd, 2014

Futamata Radium Onsen Ryokan

Futamata Radium Onsen Ryokan (二股らじうむ温泉旅館) is a hot-spring ryokan in Oshamanbe town located in the western part of Lake Toya (洞爺湖). There are calcareous sinters with 25 m in height beside a building, and the calcareous sinters still grows up. It was designated as a natural monument by Hokkaido in 1965. This is one of only two largest calcareous sinters with travertine terraces in Yellowstone National Park in the world. Because such large-scale calcareous sinters grow up, a power of hot springs seems to be strong. In 1998, Mainichi Newspapers (毎日新聞) showed that the Futamata Radium Onsen Ryokan was one of 5 onsen (Motta Kaigan Onsen (モッタ海岸温泉) in Shimamaki, Horonai Onsen (幌内温泉 * closing) in Okushiri, Futamata Radium Onsen (二股ラジウム温泉) in Oshamanbe, Kunbetsu Onsen (薫別温泉) in Shibetsu and Usubetsu Onsen (臼別温泉) in Setana) with natural radium in Hokkaido.

Calcareous Sinters. Hot Springs Flow Little by Little
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe
Just Like Small Terraced Rice-Fields
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe
Fox on Road
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe
Appearance of Building
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe

There are 3 open-air baths and 6 indoor baths at a bathhouse. Because the open-air baths are mixed bathing, and only the bathhouse for men has the open-air baths, women may be embarrassed to take a bath. In addition, there is a pool near the open-air baths, and bathers must wear a swimwear to take a plunge at the pool.

Open-air Baths
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe
Oil Slick Floats on Surface of Hot Springs
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe

I was surprised at the hot spring ingredients gathering films on the surface of the hot springs. Please watch a movie for such a look. When I touched those with my hands, it had a rough touch like sand. Those would crystallize. At first, I was excited, but the hot spring ingredients deposited at here and there, unfortunately novelty weared off. The hot springs are calcium and sodium chloride spring, and are opaque and dark reddish-brown and have a little salty taste and metallic taste smell. The sum total of the hot spring ingredients are 9.320 g.

Hot Spring Ingredients Precipitate on Rocks
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe

Because the hot springs seem to be effective for all kinds of diseases, many bathers (people stay to cure their diseases) come to cure their diseases. Generally they took a bath while lying. It was only me to be in high spirits. The carbonated springs were gushing out, too, and were always free-flowing from a faucet. Bathers will take a bath for a long time while drinking the water. A person with taking a long bath seems to take a bath for 8 hours a day. Thank you letters from visitors are posted on a wall of a corridor. He came from China seemed to get better. If a sick person take a bath, it seems to be reliable that there is a chance when they get better.

Thank You Letters from Visitors
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe

Futamata Radium Onsen Ryokan has many rules in various ways and prohibits bathers from taking a bath in their swimsuits or covereing their body with bath towels, and the bathers must take a bath in the nude because the hot springs go bad. Furthermore, the use of soap and shampoo are prohibition, too. There is no shower, too. You should think about hot springs with native onen for cure not leisure. There is a restroom at a dressing room. A stying is possible, too.

Dressing Room
Futamata Radium Onsen in Oshamanbe

Bath Oil of Futamata Radium Onsen is found on Amazon.

Atmosphere of Futamata Radium Onsen Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Futamata Radium Onsen

Types of Hot Springs Calcium and sodium chloride spring (Type: Neutral, Osmotic Pressure: Isotonic, Spring Temperature Type: Extra hot spring)
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 43.2 C
ph 7.1
Indications Neuralgia, Muscular pain, Arthralgia, Frozen shoulder, Motor paralysis, Tightening of the joint, Bruise, Sprain, Chronic digestive diseases, Hemorrhoid, Cold sensitivity, Convalescent convalescence, Relieving fatigue, Healthy increase, Cut, Burn, Chronic skin diseases, Weak children, Chronic woman's diseases, Chronic constipation
Contraindications Acute disease(when there is the heat in particular), Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Severe heart disease, Respiratory failure, Renal insufficiency, Hemorrhagic disease, High anemia, Other diseases during condition of a patient progress generally
Indications of drinking Chronic digestive diseases, Chronic constipation
Contraindications of drinking Kidney disease, High blood pressure, Diarrhea and diseases accompanied by edema in general
Facilities Mixed bathing open-air bath(2), Indoor bath(6).
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 1030. Child: JPY 600.
Business hours 07:00-21:00
Regular closing day Open all year round
Parking lot A free parking is provided (20 cars)
Telephone number +81-1377-2-4383
Home page Home page is here
Reservation Jalan is here, Rakuten is here
Mapcode 981 269 873*71

List of Accommodations

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Futamata Radium Onsen Ryokan(二股らじうむ温泉旅館)

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