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Superb View Can Be Seen with Car -Mt. Hakodake in Bifuka-

August 20th, 2014

Mt. Hakodake (函岳) in Bifuka town is located in the northern part of Asahikawa city. Altitude of the mountain is 1,129 m. A signboard written as "Superb View, Mt. hakodake (絶景函岳)" was built along Japan national route 40, and I reach to the mountaintop when I followed a road. Tourists did not climb the mountain on foot. But I had to drive on the gravel road of one car width for a little less than 30 km. Speed did not rise, and it took about 1 hour from Bifuka to the mountaintop by a car. It was a place that many people did not visit here very much, and nature was very rich. I saw North Fox and Yezo Squirrel on the road several times.

Mt. Hakodake with 1129.3 m in Height
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake

When I read Tweets, Mt. Hakodake seems to be popular.

It was cloudy on that day, but there was the mountaintop above clouds and it was clear weather above the clouds. Alpine plants grew thick, and I felt just like climbing Daisetsuzan mountain range. There is a Meteorological Station on the mountaintop. The tourists can look over "Superb View, Mt. hakodake" after going round to the back via the side. There were cliffs, and bamboo grass spreaded over under my eyes and there were ponds, too. If it was not the clouds, it was the superb view certainly. However, the tourists can enjoy feeling like a hermit because the tourists were above the clouds. There is Hakodake Hut (函岳ヒュッテ) near a parking lot, and a restroom is installed. By the way, except the parking lot and the Hakodake Hut, there is not a sightseeing facility at all. Beware of bears, too.

Meteorological Station on MountainTop. It Takes One Minute on Foot from Parking Lot to MountainTop
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake
Bamboo Grass Covered with Ground
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake
Children's Limbo?
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake
Ponds under Cliffs
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake
Height of Cliffs Are more than 10 m
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake
Pinus Pumila
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake
Mountain Cranberry
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake
Hakodake Hutte. There is Restroom, too. But Hand-Operated Flush Lavatory
Bifukuka, Mt. Hakodake

Atmosphere of Mt. Hakodake Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Mt. Hakodake

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (15 Cars)
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Spring season and Winter season
Telephone number +81-1656-9-2470
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 651 889 502*42

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