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One of Best Beautiful View of Lake Akan -Akankohan Observatory in Kushiro-

May 4th, 2017

Akankohan Observatory (阿寒湖畔望台) is halfway up a mountain on a slope of Akankohan Ski Resort (阿寒湖畔スキー場) located in the south side of the Akankohan Onsen Resort. Because it changes the ski resort in a winter, tourists can use it as a viewing spot only in a summer. It takes 3 minutes from a parking lot on foot. Visitors can look over the Lake Akan. A view from here is very beautiful. There are only the parking lot and a simple chair.

Parking Lot
Akankohan Observatory in Kushiro
Akankohan Observatory in Kushiro
View from Akankohan Observatory
Akankohan Observatory in Kushiro
Mt. Oakandake and Lake Akan
Akankohan Observatory in Kushiro

Atmosphere of Akankohan Observatory Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Akankohan Observatory

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (5 Cars)
Business hours May 09:00-17:00, From June to September 07:00-18:00
Regular closing day It become sking area in a winter
Telephone number +81-154-67-3200
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 739 310 582*31

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations around Akankohan Onsen.

Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings(あかん湖 鶴雅ウィングス)  
Akan Yuku-no-Sato Tsuruga(阿寒悠久の里鶴雅)  
New Akan Hotel(ニュー阿寒ホテル)  
Hotel Akankoso(ホテル阿寒湖荘)  
Akan-no-Mori Tsuruga Resort Hanayuuka(阿寒の森 鶴雅リゾート花ゆう香)  
Akan Tsuruga Besso Hinanoza(あかん鶴雅 別荘 鄙の座)  
La Vista Akangawa(カムイの湯 ラビスタ阿寒川)  
Onsen Minshuku Ryougoku(温泉民宿 両国)    
Hoyuso(芳友荘) Only Tel:+81-154-67-2728
Hachiya Ryokan(八谷旅館) Only Tel:+81-154-67-2747
Hotel Gozensui(ホテル御前水)  
Onsen Minshuku Yamaguchi(温泉民宿山口)    
Onsen Minshuku Kiri(温泉民宿 桐)    

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